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Creative Visualization for Good Health

Creative Visualization for Good Health
Creative Visualization for Good Health | Source
Visualize your way to a healthy body
Visualize your way to a healthy body

Visualize Your Way to Good Health

Imagine you add just 10 to 15 minutes of mental visualization every day to multiply the benefits you have been deriving from a tripod of Nutritious Food, Good Exercises and Right Sleep on which your health depends.

If new to this subject and technique, you may ask “Is it that simple?” Yes, it is that simple and so beneficial.

Interested to know more? Then read till the end of this hub and practice the technique regularly.


How does it work?

There is constant communication going on between your mind and body. Whatever your mind imagines and believes it signals the body accordingly and the body will respond by manifesting the thoughts. So if you picture disease for yourself – you are likely to invite it. Conversely picture yourself as a healthy and happy person and you are likely to be so. It is that simple yet so very profound

It is proven beyond doubt that there is Mind – Body connection. Almost all of us have noticed the Olympic athletes closing their eyes before the actual event, doing it mentally and then going ahead. One good author on subject said that it happens twice – once in mind and second time on the physical plane.

Surround Your Body with Healing Light and Positive Energy


The real world action and mental imagery, the experts believe that one may have the same physiological experience. For example, whether you actually run up a flight of stairs or do it all in your mind withal the senses – it would have similar effect. Mental workout activates many of the same neural networks that connect the body with the brain impulses.

This is the tool which we need to tap into for getting the health benefits and staying healthy.

The essentials elements of a good visualization

Involve all your senses.

The secret of success of visualization techniques is that it should be done with full emotional energy. Try to involve as much as possible your senses of smell, touch, taste and hearing along with imagery to ‘feel it’. In short, ‘Fake it to make it’.

Be in the scene

Your visualization should be oriented in such a way that you are an active participant or in the scene and not the spectator who is away from the point of action. So if you are visualizing yourself jogging, then your heart, muscles of the legs, breathing pattern should get the same feeling as if you have actual run a few hundred meters. Be totally engrossed in the scene and not watch the movie.

Set Specific Goals

To increase the quality of the results set specific goals which want to achieve. Visualize yourself going through the process and achieving the goals. Preferably write down your goals.

The process should be positive

If you want to stay away from consuming the empty calories sweetened carbonated drinks then visualize you getting satisfied by water rather than visualizing that you hate cold drinks.

Go through the process in detailed steps

Suppose an overall good health is your goal then imagine yourself liking your balanced diet, regular exercise and proper sleep. So you can imagine getting a glowing skin and right weight as a result of a nutritious diet, proper workout.

Include the Positive Affirmations

If you are working on some specific aspects with defined goals such as Money, Prosperity, Health, Abundance or Relationship, then it would be a good idea to repeat certain words called Affirmations. The visualization exercise and the affirmations are a great complement to each other and this would multiply the benefits.

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